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Hi guys

Well I've just MOT'd bugsy and I did less than 500 miles last year, so I think its time to move her on as its simply not worth me holding onto it.  I do this every year - last year someone came and had a look but I don't think his wife was very impressed with the seating arrangements!!!

So I have for sale one yellow Funtech 350 year X reg (2000) with full roof and doors (with slightly dodgy zips) ceramic heater and towbar and with 11 months MOT.  Over the past few years she's had wheel bearings, driveshaft bearings, replacement steering and suspension joints and battery, and more recently a complete set of brake shoes for this MOT.

I have no idea how much its worth.  Please drop me a line if you are interested.  I check out the forum most evenings.


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Hi Alan,

I may possibly be interested in the Q-pod, if you could drop me a message on 07928040469 and ill send you a few questions

Many thanks 


Hi Alex

I have sent a message as requested.  Hope you got it?




I thought the fun techs were 50cc  !

No Ray,

QPod is a much later name given to the cars. The first ones imported by Noel Edmunds company (Unique motors) both 350 and 50 were known as Secma Funtech and the 350 as the sport I believe.  I still have the publicity pamphlets that the first owner had somewhere.



all good stuff, did it sell ?

No I've still got the old girl!

I had someone ask me for a contact phone number, but they never bothered getting back to me.


Hi Alan.

Sorry I never replied I got caught up in a few other commitments, would you be so kind to text me on 07928040469 again as I don't think your number is still on my phone and we can go from there:)

Many thanks

I guess, since a quad m/cycle 2 where drive is worth £2200 on a 2000 plate average, so is a Sport 360.. at least , i'd go £2400 easy in good order, & road registered :)

Hello Alan,

How much did you want for your Fun tech please and whereabouts are you.



Hi Helen

Thank-you for your message.  Typical - the first day that I didn't check my e-mails for months - and you get in touch!!

Easy question answered first - I'm near Ipswich in Suffolk, but I do travel up towards the Midlands occasionally.

As to the price.  I have absolutely no idea how much its worth.  I reckon as close to £850 would be reasonable?  But anyone watching / reading this message - if you have an idea - please join in.  I don't want to over price Bugsy for the buyer or under sell myself of course.  I would be happy to speak to you if you would like on my mobile 07990 544056, or if you can't get me to answer the blessed thing please text me.

Once again Helen,  thanks for contacting me.



First of all,  thanks to those who contacted me regarding the sale of my Bug. 

I've decided not to sell at the moment, as its holiday season and the time that I am likely to want it.  If it had gone earlier not a problem, but as I've MOT'd it, insured it etc and actually got it to run better than its ever run, I might as well use it. (replaced the driven plate slipper pads and sorted the carb).

Secondly, I need to apologise to a forum member who phoned me and left a message on my mobile.  Unfortunately in trying to save your number into my phone - I deleted it.  Sorry.

So maybe early next year I might well try to move her on (as per the last few years).



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