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ON towed my 340 sport home from Bristol to Cornwall. I made a clamp to stop it going into gear....It seems to run ok, as I tested it on the guys field.....It needed a good wash when I got home.

I taxed it Friday morning and took it for a run.......I got a 2003 model with 6400 on the clock, but not sure if thats K or Miles! It has the full cab kit, luggage rack, bull bars, towing bracket and a tow ball at the rear for towing things?  I paid £1380..... It seems in fairly good condition....Just have to get used to it now.... I filled it up with fuel and have been out on a couple of runs with my kids. Speedo is dreadful, but using sat nav, managed 45mph  on the flat! 

Certainly fun...... but sitting on a single cylinder 340cc engine, certainly keeps your muscles toned!

Anyone else on here from the south west?

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Hey Steve,

My husband and I live in Saltash and we've been Qpod owners for 3 days now!

We bought ours from Brixham and drove it home in convoy. Let me tell you, the drive down the A38 at dusk/dark was an experience. He mentioned something about industrial white finger (and butt) when we got back but I think that's worn off now, lol.

But, he can't stop smiling and has been in the garage most of today polishing it up so I think he's pleased with it.

How are you getting on with yours? Liking the sound of the full cab kit, bet it looks great. Hope you're having tons of fun in it.


Welcome to PODland.....I bought mine and took the landlady of the pub for a ride in it.....She loved it and wanted one, so I kept an eye out....As soon as one came on the market, I emailed her and she bought one. He husband drives it to work most days......

I must congratulate you on driving it back to Saltash from Brixham....That must have been an experience and I laughed at your white finger and butt. It actually get easier with time as you arent gripping the handlebars quite so tight!!!. Saltash to callington isnt a bad run. I often drive up to Kit Hill or Pensilva in mine. Done a little off roading too. Nothing too bizzare...

I have the QT500 too as you will see in my photos.. That is another experience again!! Like a pod on speed... Still noisy and shakey, but will manage about 80mph!!! 2 cylinder 4 stroke engine...I drove about 250 miles in it last week....I use it for work and am planning a serious makeover shortly....

Keep in touch. We will have to go out for a trip together soon.




Hi there....I'm in St Austell...thought I was the only one in Cornwall !!

looks like we have a cornish pod club!!!!

That makes 5 I now know of........


I have one to and I’m in looe

There was a red one here in St Austell a year ago for sale....don't know if someone local bought it.

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