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hi guys n gals

i have just towed my Qpod for 3 hours at about 55 mph only to find my drive belt broke” it was in neutral” is there a speed limit to towing. Could the belt have engaged because of centrifugal force of the back wheels rotating the axle.

Also is there any chance of pictures or video on changing the belt

thanks wayne

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Hi Wayne.

Exactly the same thing happened to me not long after I had my pod. 

It must have jumped into gear - even if only for a second.  That is why most people who tow a Pod (which I used to -  I sold it end of last year) make some sort of a lock which held the gear stick positively into the neutral position.  I used a heavy hinge that flicked across the gear stick.

I'm not very good a finding stuff in this forum, but if you search for stuff I have submitted you should find a write up did many years ago. 

Also If you go into the facebook page you will find a description of how to change a belt on there and how to inspect and check the transmission cones which you perhaps ought  to do especially if the poor old thing went from 0 to 55 in half a second!!!  This was uploaded onto facebook forum by the lady for whom I did the work.

Good luck.  If you can't find it, send me a message with your e-mail and I'll send you the whole file.


Hi Alan 

many thanks for your reply the hinge idea is great


Hi again Wayne.

If you go into the FORUM page and search Drive Belt, you will find the thread on Drive belt change.  It also covers the transmission cones and adjustment.

Good luck


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