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is it safe to long distance ( 600 miles ) tow a fun buggy on its tow bar ( so on rear wheels only ) or better on a trailer , any one selling a suitable trailer ???

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We are just off to europe towing our qpod and will be doing about 2000 miles over a month.  I bought a second hand twin motorbike trailer off ebay and modified it so we can get the pod completely off the road.  I think in Germany (and poss france) you may not be legally allowed to tow it on its own wheels as its not a motorway legal vehicle - but dont quote me on this.  We just didnt want the risk of a qpod rear tyre blowing out or a wheel bearing failing whilst flying down a motorway......  Not sure about you but I dont have a spare Qpod rear wheel and tyre handy.

Hope this helps

Peter K 

No spares for ours as rare as rocking horse

Hi there, I have 8 spares wheels for Qpods from two buggys I have broken down for spares, all for sale:)
Are they fun buggy ones ????
They are indeed:) feel free to call me on 07928040469, happy to post them:)
Have also got nearly brand new roof and half doors for sale, lots of bits and bobs left over:)
Am on holiday at moment can i call you when back are tires on them any body parts
no problem, tires are on them yes, although I cannot guarantee the quality of the tyres or tread until I've got them out of the shed, by body parts do you mean the front and rear plastics?
Yes we have orange panels

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