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Hi all, I'm sure this has been asked before so being new I do apologise for asking again.

I have just bought a funtech and there is no front number plate and never has been, is this legal for the MOT etc and if so is there some legislation to quote to an over jealous examiner?


Any one have a spare rear engine cover for sale, lost mine on the way back from collecting it.


How is the handbrake adjusted, mine is rubbish, car roles away even when on. Is this connected to the foot pedal.  

Thanks Gary..

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Never had a front number plate and never had a problem with MOT...handbrake adjuster is for back brakes only I think and easily adjusted to take up slack on cable from underneath with a nut and lock nut arrangement. I also lost my engine came off going around a round about....luckily I went back and found it ! Got myself some big washers to fix it back on.

Hi have had my car get an MOT for years with out having a number plate always going to the same MOT station. Then in 2016 was told to have one . they said that "As our cars are classed as a car for CAR TAX then it should have a front number plate  . Did try to argue the fact but they would not give an MOT with out one .

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